About KRPS

Since 1988, KRPS-FM has provided the four-state region (Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri) with a wonderful programming mix of news, music and entertainment. Licensed to Pittsburg State University, KRPS-FM is professionally staffed and the area’s official affiliate for programming from National Public Radio (NPR).

The KRPS-FM studios are located in a former dormitory on the campus of Pittsburg State University. Its modern studios are professionally staffed by experienced broadcasters who understand the importance of public radio. KRPS-FM broadcasts at a frequency of 89.9 FM and its 100,000 watt signal makes it the most powerful radio station in the region.

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The mission of KRPS-FM is to serve otherwise unserved audiences, something it does regularly with its wide variety of programming. In today’s world of fragmented audiences and specialized programming, KRPS-FM is a throwback to the golden age of radio. On any given day, KRPS’ listeners will hear in-depth and thought provoking news, beautiful classical music, lively jazz and international views from the BBC; all without ever having to turn the dial. It’s this mix of programming that makes KRPS-FM so popular and the perfect fit for an institute of higher education.

KRPS-FM members believe in their public radio station and demonstrate their support through regular financial contributions. It’s this level of “ownership” by members that helps KRPS-FM stand apart from commercial radio stations and makes it one of the most valued, and unique, radio stations in the region.